Gorditas Doña Tota Produces Video with DELACOLINA Films

It was a busy time in the studio a few months ago shooting food cinematography with some of the most delicious food we've shot to date! Gorditas Doña Tota kicked off a new marketing campaign and hired us to produce their first TV ad.

They're opening locations in several cities throughout Texas, and we focused on starting with their original location– South Texas.

Still from our production monitor during the shoot

Still from our production monitor during the shoot

The goal was to capture the best images of their product as an introduction to those that don't know Gorditas Doña Tota, and have on-screen graphics explain the sale. Pre-production consisted of refining the concept, as well as defining the art direction to dress the shot. Minimalism, with an organic touch, was our goal to convey the message: delicious, and authentic Mexican food

Be on the look out for future spots, and their new locations– you seriously need to try them!

Please enjoy and remember to not lick your screen!