Upcoming Promotional Video

November was a busy month pre-planning an out-of-town 2-Day production shoot for early December for a local company.

We had several meetings regarding the concept, script, and logistics. It was to be an exterior shoot, shot with available light, including an on-camera interview. 

Once everything was scripted, planned and ready to go, the production day quickly approached. We had a full prep day the weekend before departure.

We tested all of the equipment and reconfigured our camera and support rigs to be more lightweight and versatile. We didn't know when we were going to be switching from tripod, to slider, to handheld, so things needed to be quicker than our normal studio setup. 

Production went smoothly. We had a few issues with the wind, but at least we didn't have any rain! We had great morning, afternoon, sunset and even sunrise shots! The temperature was around 40°, and when you plan on being outside for multiple hours at that temperature, you really start to feel it! Luckily by midday it warmed up significantly on both days. I believe both days saw a difference of more than 20° from lows to highs! Nothing like that Texas weather!

January was spent completely in post-production, piecing the whole video together.

First-light color grading, editing, sound design, voice-over recording, music, 2D graphics, 3D conceptualization, 3D modeling, 3D animating and rendering, compositing, and final grading.

It was definitely a great time working on this project and seeing everything come to life! Stay tuned for the release of this video on our website in the following couple of weeks!

Jorge De La ColinaComment