The Croutox Report

The Name Partner proof of concept short film, The Croutox Report, is a collaboration between DELACOLINA Films and Lobo Films. Co-directed by Rene Rhi and Jorge de La Colina. 


Prominent reporter Lisa Lane uncovers the truth about the effects of an antidepressant drug named "Zerevrea" and its link to suicide and violent behavior during the crucial stages of a federal case involving the widow of a war veteran and Bauyek-Malinski Pharmaceuticals.

Shot in October 2017 - Currently in Post-Production


Images courtesy of Cesar Cahuich, and other crew and cast members.


Tierra De Nadie

Tierra de Nadie is a television mini-series written by and created by executive producer, Enrique Cattaneo. It takes place on the Mexico-US Border and follows two newspaper reporters assigned to the local paranormal column, "Tierra de Nadie." Following leads to learn the truth of every story they get themselves into some interesting situations.

Enrique approached Jorge De La Colina during the early developmental stages and was signed on as a co-executive producer, director and cinematographer of the mini-series. Together they worked on the project and shot a pilot in co-production with Televisa Noreste, Vallevision, and a follow-up episode shortly after. The project was recently screened at a local movie theater, and is currently being developed into a longer format.