Gorditas Doña Tota promotion commercial. Shot on RED

Tijerina Law Group television ad in English Co-Directed by Rene Rhi and Jorge De La Colina Shot on RED
"Somos Del Mismo Equipo - Zona De Construcción" While racing to the house to watch the big game, traffic comes to a halt due to construction⎯ until he realizes the construction workers are also fans watching the game. XERV Worldcup Promo MEX VS.
Starchannel Marketing, Inc. After working several years for Starchannel Marketing, Inc., here is a reel with some of our favorite commercials that we produced together. These are all images from local commercials that aired on Televisa in the last 1-3 years. The categories are: Food, Jewelry Beauty Shots, Modern Furniture, and Gritty Action to close with the opposite style.